On the EcoCommons platform you have access to high performance computation, modelling tools and free cloud storage. You can explore growing volumes of ecological, environmental and climate data, build models, and view results.

The EcoCommons has three main tabs that you can navigate through to find what you are looking for once you are signed in: Workspace, Datasets and Analysis Hub.



The workspace is a centralized dashboard from where you can:

  • Run analyses
  • Import data
  • View your jobs and results
  • Look at data you uploaded in coding cloud.
  • Find help



Here you find data you can use for your analyses. You can:

  • Explore climate and environmental datasets
  • Import data from external providers
  • Upload your own data


“Analysis Hub”

Here you can run all your analyses. You can:

  • Run SDMs using Modelling Wizard
  • Run you own code using “Coding Cloud”
  • Run CoESRA virtual desktop environment